Wes & Emma: Langley Airforce Base Wedding, Newport News VA

On Valentine's Day, I received a phone call from a disappointed groom saying that the wedding had been postponed. The weather was just making it impossible for the bride, her family, and friends to get flights across the country.

However, after the bride was able to get a flight into town, the wedding was back on, but with an incredibly different gameplan.

Wes and Emma decided to go ahead and have their ceremony, but only with local family and friends. They weren't going to have a reception or partake in the other scheduled events on their wedding day (getting ready, first-look, family formals, etc.). Everything was going to be really simple and they asked if I would come and simply document the ceremony.

Saturday morning came and the skies looked awfully gray. Sure enough as the ceremony time drew near, the skies opened up and it poured rain. And not only was it raining, but it was incredibly windy causing it to be nearly impossible to use an umbrella without it flying away. However, despite everything, Wes and Emma's wedding day was absolutely beautiful.

Emma was a stunning bride and I was super disappointed I didn't get to spend more time photographing her. She seriously was radiant. And even without her family there, she was very relaxed, calm, and very excited to be marrying her best friend, regardless of the situation.

I'm so honored to be asked to capture such a precious, intimate moment for you both. I can't wait for your big celebration in July with both sides of your families and friends! It will be a lot of fun!!

Also, I couldn't help but grab a few shots of the bridal party and newly wedded couple. The rain limited our options for portraits, but thankfully there was an awning covering the entrance to the church where we were able to take some photos outside.

Enjoy some of my favorites and be sure to stay on the look out for their big July celebration!