Weekend Recap Mar 20-23

Another weekend recap!

From left to right.

On Friday, I spent over 4 hours at the dealer getting our 10,000 mile oil change. It's crazy to think that our car is already at 10,000 miles! So far it's been a great little car and I'm very thankful to have something reliable for wedding season this year! It's also crazy that a routine oil change took 4 hours... but at least it only happens once every 10,000 miles!

After such a long day, I needed to relax with my favorite meal: stir fry! I know that might sound strange, but I love my veggies. I just put chicken in the stir fry for Matt. I usually pick it out... haha.

This weekend was the unofficial start of wedding season for me. I second shot for my dear friend


in Richmond on Saturday. You could start to see the growth of new leaves and flowers. It's going to be so pretty in a few weeks! Just in time for the official start of wedding season!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! Happy Monday!