Weekend Recap Apr 10-13

Oh my, oh my. What can I say about this past weekend? It was incredible. Seriously. I am blessed to have some of the sweetest clients and I am so excited to share their images with you.

Friday night, Matt and I traveled to northern Virginia for Tom and Rachel's wedding on Saturday. I am amazed at how much traffic there is in Nova! How can anyone live there?!!? Haha. Saturday was a beautiful day all the way from the weather to the bridesmaids bouquets to the smiles on everyone's faces. Sunday was also incredible being in DC with the cherry blossoms, even if it meant waking up at 4:30am. It was just a good weekend.

While it was good, it was also tiring! Working an 11 hour day on Saturday and then getting 3 hours of sleep and getting up for an engagement session and then making the 4 hour drive home is rough. I am SO thankful for Matt who did all the driving and encouraged me to sleep in the car, even though he was just as tired as I was. He's wonderful.

But the tiredness is what has caused this to be another Tuesday weekend recap. I slept most of the day yesterday with the exception of going to an eye appointment. I even went to bed at 9:30 last night and slept soundly ALL night. I don't remember a thing until my alarm went off this morning. It was amazing.

But today I'm back up and at it, which is why you're getting a double sneak peek of both Tom & Rachel's wedding and Drew & Jordan's engagement session! So. much. beautiful. Enjoy!