Greg & Sarah Beth: Traditional Martinsville Virginia Wedding

It was about a month before the wedding when Sarah Beth and I were finalizing her timeline when she sent me an email that you never want to read! The reception venue they had booked and put on the invitations had a water broiler issue and had to cancel their spring events! So Sarah Beth and Greg had to quickly create a new plan! In Sarah Beth's email and online presence, she explained things so calmly in only the sophisticated Sarah Beth fashion. I am so impressed with her grace and demeanor. In the end, all their hard work came together and you would never have known that such a drastic change had happened so close to their wedding day! The whole wedding day was so beautiful. The skies were blue, the flowers were fresh, and everyone was ready to see Greg and Sarah Beth officially tie the knot. 

Greg and Sarah Beth are quite the couple. Between the two of them, I don't know if there is a book they haven't read. They also both have extensive vocabularies, education, and are just overall seriously intelligent! I love being around people who are well-read and who speak with such eloquence. It's like spending real-life time in a beautiful novel! 

This wedding was packed with special details. Sarah Beth's grandfather performed their ceremony, the cake knife was the same one Sarah Beth's aunts, grandparents, and cousins used at their weddings, her garter was made of the christening gown she wore as a baby, and many more! 

Please enjoy lots of my favorites from their wedding day! 

A huge thank you to the vendors who made this day lovely! And to Hillary Gaskins for being my second shooter!!

Ceremony / Christ Episcopal Church
Reception / New College Institute Building on Baldwin
Florist / Sams Club
Baker / Family friend
Caterer / Quality Catering
DJ / Bride's brother
Bride's Dress / Songbirds Consignment
Bridesmaids Dresses / Jcrew
Groomsmen Attire / Draper & Farrell
Invitations / The American Wedding
Photography / Karyn Johnson Photography