Travel: Savannah, GA

I love traveling and so we try each year to take a short anniversary trip. This year we decided to revisit Savannah, GA! In 2008, Matt and I spent a night in Savannah with the Marching Virginians on the way to the Orange Bowl. We both remembered it being a really cool city, so we decided to go there as a couple!

Savannah is so beautiful! I swoon over the moss covered Oak trees, historic architecture, and cobble stone streets. All the southern charm makes this girl's inner country girl happy. 

We spend our time in Savannah mostly just strolling the streets. We saw many of the historic squares and ventured in a few shops and art galleries. On Sunday, we took over 17,000 steps (thanks to my Fitbit for keeping track!). So we went all over!

We also had some incredible food. My favorite was the sandwiches and soup pictured below. The District Cafe was the perfect stop for our Sunday lunch! I must say the roasted red pepper tomato soup was excellent and Matt's pimento cheese with chicken, avocado, and bacon panini was also delicious. 

The worst part of trips for me is balancing between lugging my professional camera around and just snapping a few photos with my phone. I want the beautiful quality from my camera, but I love the convenience of my phone! What a rough life... haha.

Anyway, these are a few shots I grabbed while I was lugging my camera (+ camera bag + tripod) around the city. So much pretty!