Carly: Triple R Ranch Bridal Portraits

Normally when a bride chooses to take bridal portraits, it's before the wedding when the bride does a trial run of her hair and makeup. And while that's a perfect time to do bridal portraits, you are usually limited with what you can do because you don't want to mess up your beautiful dress before the big day!

Normally getting pictures in your dress after the wedding is called a "trash the dress" session, but Carly didn't want to trash her dress, she just wanted some portraits of her in her wedding gown. So this is a post-wedding bridal session. And it was sooooo much fun! We were able to walk through some woods and fields without worrying about her dress. I just love how these turned out!

The weather for this day was perfect. Carly & Samson's engagement session and wedding both were rainy and overcast, but not for this session! It was beautifully sunny with perfect glowy light! Add in a gorgeous bride who is also a dancer and natural in front of the camera and you get GORGEOUS images.

These are just some of my favorites. It was so hard to narrow these down because Carly is just absolutely stunning.

She is just absolutely beautiful! 

Look at this field and her beautiful lines!

My favorite bridal. Ever!

Hello beautiful glowy light!

I have a few bridal sessions scheduled for next year and I am SUPER excited about that!

Carly, thank you so much for spending an evening with me in a field while you let me take photos of you dancing. :) You are such a sweet, fun person and I loved spending time with you!