Rainy Days

I wasn't planning on writing a post today, but the weather actually inspired me to write a little about why rainy days aren't so bad.

Every time a large front comes through, I see lots of Facebook and Instagram posts about it being dreary and depressing. Which I do totally agree with! I wouldn't want to live somewhere like Seattle where it's overcast and cloudy frequently. But I do love a good rainy, dreary day every now and then.

Dreary days make me tired, and while most people would think that's awful, I actually like it. The dark skies and patter of rain remind me that I need to slow down. It's ok that I'm tired and it's ok to rest. 

I think that as photographers we can get so caught up in our business and our to-do list that we forget to rest.

So if you can, take a little time today to enjoy this wet and gloomy day. :)

Have a great weekend.