Jerrod & Jess: Edgar Allen Poe Museum Richmond Wedding

Now that life has finally slowed down, I have a backlog of weddings to share with you!

All last summer and fall, I had the opportunity to second shoot for several amazing photographers. I love shooting with these ladies and I am so grateful to them for the opportunity to learn from them!

This wedding

took place last June! I actually wasn't planning on shooting this wedding until Karen emailed with some exciting, but unexpected news. Her baby boy Wyatt came early, like 5 weeks early! And she had a wedding to shoot just 2 weeks after his arrival.


being the awesome and dedicated photographer that she is wanted to be present and shoot the wedding, but she knew she'd need a little bit more help than normal. I mean, she just had a baby! So I tagged along as a third shooter/assistant to carry her bag, run around, and to shoot if Karen felt tired.

Needless to say, Karen was a complete trooper and barely sat down the whole day. I was so impressed with her dedication and professionalism, even after such a crazy life-change.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect June day or a sweeter couple. Jerrod and Jess were so gracious and kind. It was a joy to watch them become husband and wife! I also loved shooting at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and the Hermitage County Club. What beautiful venues.

Here are a few of my favorite images of the day. I love second shooting, but third shooting is a bit different. Not only am I trying to stay out of the main photographers way, I'm trying to stay out of the second shooters way! Haha. So it's fun trying to get really creative! As I'm sure you'll be able to tell with this post, my favorites are usually the more creative shots. Let me know what you think about it!

Let's talk about these shoes. GORGEOUS!

It was a beautiful day.

Karen, thank you so much for letting me join you! <3 Definitely be sure to check out her


, she's fantastic!