Jason & Lindsey: Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement

Jason, Lindsey, and I had all been checking the weather. Would it rain? Would it just be cloudy? Just what was the weather going to be like?!

After much anticipation and crazy afternoons for all involved, we were finally able to all arrive at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Lindsey is a member of the gardens and loves spending time walking around and taking in the beautiful scenery. I absolutely agree with her! If we lived closer, I would be at these gardens all the time. It's such a peaceful and tranquil place. I loved our time here and am so thankful Lindsey introduced me to this beautiful place!

Jason and Lindsey are both so sweet. I loved watching them interact as we strolled and chatted. Their wedding day is coming up so quickly and I can't wait to not only see them again but to watch them become husband and wife! Jason is currently living outside of Richmond and Lindsey is in Norfolk, so they are both more than ready to be in the same location and be married! And I can't wait for that for them too! T-minus 30 days! Yay!

Until then, enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session. The sun actually came out for some of our time in the gardens and a drop of rain didn't fall until we were wrapping up. It was such a blessing!