My 26th Birthday

I don't know if I'm the only 26 year old who would say this, but man, I feel old. Today starts the beginning of my "upper twenties" and I can hardly believe it. Some days I still feel like I'm in my teens or still in college. Just definitely not old enough to be married, own a business, and be an "adult." It's crazy! 

But regardless, I'm thankful for another year on this earth and plan to enjoy each day that comes. Tonight, Matt and I will be dinning out, so no food prep or clean up! Yes! 

And as I've been reflecting over the past 26 years, I thought I'd have a little fun and write 26 random facts about myself. It will be really interesting to see how different these are in the next 5, 10, 26 years!

1. My favorite color is purple.
2. I love Mexican Food.
3. Gilmore Girls is my favorite.
4. I wear glasses and contacts.
5. I'm right handed. So unique.
6. I don't drink coffee.
7. But I LOVE hot tea.
8. Dark chocolate is another favorite.
9. So is broccoli, just not together. 
10. I love shopping at Trader Joes.
11. I don't eat any seafood.
12. I'm not a beach person.
13. I always sit with a blanket on my lap.
14. I really like lemon in my water.
15. My ears are not pierced.
16. Neither is anything else.
17. I'm a cat person.
18. My favorite time of day is dawn.
19. I can be a little clumsy.
20. I've fractured my left wrist twice.
21. Mountains are yet another favorite of mine.
22. I'm not a runner.
23. Exercise generally isn't my thing at all.
24. I did take a weight lifting class and liked it.
25. I'm super introverted.
26. I'm excited to grow old with my best friend.

Have a great weekend! Eat an extra dessert for me. :)