How I've Grown my Business Part 1

I’ve been asked by many friends and fellow photographers how I’ve been able to build my business so quickly over the last year, and I always answer with two words: second shooting.

Second shooting offers so much to an aspiring photographer. You can gain experience, build a network, and possibly even add images to your portfolio. All of those things help grow your business!

But second shooting isn’t that simple! In order to second shoot and to be asked to second shoot again, you can’t do it for yourself. When you are second shooting for another photographer, you are representing their business and are there for them NOT yourself. This makes second shooting a little tricky.

You’re shooting while trying to do what the photographer who hired you asks, so there can be a huge conflict of interest!

I’ve shot with 6 different photographers over dozens of different weddings. And of those 6 photographers, I’ve either been asked to shoot with them again or given referrals by all of them. And that’s how my business has grown!

But why did they like me? What was it about my product, attitude, performance, or personality that they liked? And how was I still able to gain experience, network, and add images to my portfolio while still being there for the main photographer and not myself?

That’s what this mini series is going to be about! I’m going to explore two sides to second shooting: what to do on the wedding day as a second shooter and what to do after the wedding day as a second shooter. These two categories are so vital when second shooting and can make or break your relationship with the main photographer.

As someone who has lots of second shooting experience AND as someone who has hired both good and bad second shooters, my hope is that this series can assist other aspiring photographers trying to grow their business! We’re all in this together!

Happy weekending, friends!