George & Caitlin: Downtown Lynchburg Winter Engagement

December was crazy for Matt and I traveling to 7 different places in 10 days. Both for personal family visits, but also for work! One of those 7 stops was to Lynchburg to see my old friend George.

George and I met in high school and became friends through the student ministries there. We then both ventured to Virginia Tech where George soon became like an older brother to me and my roommate. If you know anything about Virginia Tech, you know that parking can be tricky, especially when it comes to parking near dorms to load/unload. Every time my roommate and I would come back to campus from a weekend at home, George was always there to help us carry in our heavy laundry bags (or cases of water! haha) from the distant parking lot and up three flights of stairs. I have so many fun memories (and pictures and videos) of our college years together. What fun times! George was also there at the beginning of my relationship with Matt which is neat because he had a front row seat to watch our whole relationship develop!

Post college at church in Lynchburg, George met Caitlin. I'll admit that I was curious to meet the woman who stole his heart. And I have to say that I am SO excited for them. Caitlin just exudes sweetness and kindness. Her smile is so beautiful and her laugh is so contagious! I absolutely loved watching George and Caitlin interact with one another. They laugh together, are sweet together, love the Lord together, and it just makes my heart so, so glad! 

It was a chilly Sunday when we ventured around Lynchburg together, but I laughed so much that I barely noticed! There were even times I was so overcome with laughter, I couldn't take photos anymore! Haha. It was a blast and I so wish we lived closer so we could hang out more!

George and Caitlin, thank you for spending the afternoon with us and letting me capture these images. I love you guys and am so very excited for your wedding in May!