Marcus & Samantha: CNU Engagement Session

College sweethearts. They are my favorite because I totally relate! Marcus & Samantha met their junior year at CNU. They were in the same major and became fast friends and then soon after began their relationship. And now they're getting married! Yay!

When we were trying to find a location for their engagement session, they couldn't help but think of CNU! So Marcus and Samantha made the trip down from NOVA to visit their Alma Mater. I've lived in the Hampton Roads area for nearly 3 years now and I had never set foot on campus! I loved strolling through CNU with two alumni who reminisced over memories and awed at all the new construction! Haha.

Marcus & Samantha are both just incredibly sweet. Samantha is quite the model and I loved the way Marcus made her eyes light up when they laughed together.  Seriously, they're adorable and I'm sure you'll see what I mean in the overload of photos below!

This is a longer post, but I couldn't narrow it down. I loved them all! Enjoy!