April 4-7 Weekend Recap

This post is a little different because it's more than just a weekend recap; it's a week recap!

The reason my Facebook, Twitter, blog and other social media sites were mostly silent last week was because I was out of the country! Matt and I took a pre-wedding and crazy season vacation with some friends. It was an absolute blast! And oh do I have sooooo many stories to tell, haha!

We pulled into our parking spot at exactly 4:00 this morning. We had a late flight from Ft Lauderdale to Baltimore and then made 4 hour drive so Matt could work a half day today. We were both tired puppies, but our bed never felt so good!

We've traveled thousands of miles this past week via car, plane, ship, and foot. We covered a lot of ground and saw a lot of amazing things. I can't wait to share! Definitely be on the look out for vacation posts in the coming weeks!

Here's a sneak peek of our time away including the Blue Hole, water slides, the Norwegian Epic, SCUBA diving, a stateroom, chicken tacos, and lots and lots of the ocean!