April 11-14 Weekend Recap

Busy weekend season is officially here for me, and that makes me SO excited! I'll have lots of pretty things to share with you throughout May, June, and July. I can't wait!

1. This weekend we traveled to Martinsville so I could do a portrait session with some dear to my heart friends. This is another surprise session though, so you'll have to wait until May to see the photos, but oh my goodness I could eat that little fella' up! He was sooooo cute! Look at those little toes!

2. Can we just acknowledge how absolutely beautiful this weekend was? It has been such a treat to come back from the Caribbean and it not be freezing! I love all the blooming flowers, though my allergies might not be so thrilled.

3. And of course, we are so eager to visit Martinsville because that means I get to see my parents! We didn't get to see each other for my birthday back in February, so my parents were super sweet and celebrated it this weekend. They got me (and Matt too, I guess since I have to share, haha) 6 cupcakes from a new bakery that opened in Uptown Martinsville. The cupcakes were delicious! And we had a wonderful time visiting.

This week will be spent editing and posting more vacation photos!

Jamaica will be on the blog Wednesday!