Andrew & Katherine: Elegant Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Session

It was a gorgeous day. Partly cloudy, 75 degrees, and a nice breeze. It was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better day to take Andrew & Katherine's engagement pictures!

I had a wonderful time walking about Colonial Williamsburg with them and learning where the good water fountains were! Haha. Katherine was a student at William & Mary and enjoyed going for runs through the historic streets. We walked along some of her routes and she remembered where the water fountains were so we could all get a sip before heading to a new location! So not only was the weather perfect, but we were also well-hydrated! Win-win!

It was such fun getting to photograph Andrew & Katherine! They are super sweet together and full of laughter. Andrew loves to kiss Katherine's forehead and Katherine's smile was simply gorgeous! Plus, they both have excellent posture!

I adore these images and am so excited to share them with you! Enjoy lots of my favorites of this elegant CW engagement session!

Sometimes pictures are pretty in color, but are breath-taking in black and white. This one does it for me in black in white. Simply lovely.

Katherine, you are going to be a beautiful bride! Ah, I can't wait to photograph you in your wedding dress!!

They did this on their own! Cracks me up!

This street!

This light!

Again, this street was amazing!

Look at her smile! Love!

Andrew & Katherine, thank you so much for spending a Sunday evening with me to walk around CW and let me into your love story. I'm so excited for your wedding in December!