4 Years

As a wedding photographer, I get to celebrate a lot of marriages. But today, I get to celebrate my own.

Four years of laughs. Four years of learning how to love each other. Four years of stealing the covers. Fours years of video game Youtube videos. Four years of "I love you"s and kisses. Four years of late nights and early mornings. Four years of rooting for each other. Four years of sacrificing for each other. Four years of life planning together. Four years of philosophical pod casts. Four years of the plain yogurt vs. greek yogurt debate. Four years of couch cuddling before bed. Four years of growing together. Four years of sharing a suitcase. Four years of adventures. Four years of love. Four years of marriage. 

 Four crazy, beautiful, easy and hard, long and short, soul-defining, life-changing years. <3

Words will never express how completely undeserving I feel to be able to not only experience the beautiful picture that marriage is of Christ and His Church, but to get to do it all with my best friend. Matt, I love you so much more than I could put into words. You're my favorite.