2016 Favorites: Engagements

While I love weddings, engagements always hold a special place in my heart. I love getting to know the two people who are trusting me to capture their wedding day and getting to see them as they normally are - not all dolled up for a wedding. Because while weddings are a reflection of the couple, every day life just isn't wedding days. So, I do love engagements! 

2016 brought many different locations, weather, and light. I've shot everywhere from downtown DC to a private residence in the middle of nowhere. It was a lovely year of exploring and photographing new people and places and I am so thankful to each of these couples for allowing me to be a part of lives. <3

It took me a long time to narrow this post down... and it's still kind of long. When I post pictures in my blogs and on FB, I usually include my favorites, but I tend to curate the content to what I think others would enjoy too. But this post is 100% my favorites with zero thought as to what others would enjoy looking at. So, this will give you a peak into what I like as an artist and photographer! So, here are my 2016 engagement favorites!