2013 Outtakes

Several of the photographers I follow have been posting "2013 bloopers" or outtakes. Those bloopers usually entail accidental or purposeful pictures of the primary and second shooter during a wedding day. These photos aren't delivered to the client, but sometimes are really funny.

Since I'm just getting started and haven't shot with a second shooter yet, I unfortunately don't have any second shooter bloopers to post. However, I do have enjoyable bloopers of my "assistant."

Matt is not only my wonderful supportive husband, but he is also my camera bag holder, memory card exchanger, and lighting model, so I like to call him my "assistant" when we both go to my portrait sessions. Haha. He is very patient with me sometimes, especially when we're places where I'm struggling with focusing the self-timed photos.

So all these photos show just how patient Matt is with me and my love for photos.I enjoy these a lot because you can really see a lot of Matt's personality in them.

Plus, I think he is incredibly handsome!

Enjoy Matt's 2013 Outtakes!

Matt, I love you! Thank you so much for being so supportive and allowing me to pursue my dream career!